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Your South Bakersfield Education and Resource Center

Who staffs the Job Spot?
Our staff consists of team members from Bakersfield Adult School and Bakersfield College’s Adult Education Department.

Who is the Job Spot For?
The Job Spot is geared towards adults looking to continue or advance their education. Either with the Bakersfield Adult School or Bakersfield College.

Can You Help Me Find a Job?
The Job Spot has a partnership with both Job Fest Kern County as well as America’s Job Center of Kern County. We connect you with our community partners to help you find employment and employment resources. We host at least two hiring recruitments every other month, providing a space for employers to find quality, serious job seekers. You can find out about those recruitments from our websites below.


America’s Job Center has a Career Planner that comes to the Job Spot every Tuesday from 8:30 am until 11:30 am by appointment only, please call, or come by in-person to schedule an appointment. AJCC is located at 1600 E. Belle Terrace

What Adult School Staff is There? The BAS Team includes a Site Administrator, Campus Security, Staff Secretary, GED, ESL, Citizenship, and High School Diploma Instructors.

What Bakersfield College Staff is There? The BC Team includes an Academic Liaison, Educational Advisor, Support Specialist, Public Safety Police Officer and Program Manager.

What Adult School Classes are Available?

GED Preparation Classes – You must take a reading placement test and score a 239 or higher in order to take the GED prep class. Online Independent Study – Independent Study is an educational program that provides the opportunity for adult students 19 and older, to complete Kern High School District’s diploma requirements.

Citizenship Preparation– We assist students in acquiring English Language skills as well as the knowledge and understanding of the principles and form of government, the Constitution, the history, the culture, the institutions and the geography of the United States.
ESL Classes -The Job Spot offers a variety of ESL classes to assist in meeting the needs of students at various skill levels of English language proficiency. We offer courses for students from the pre-literate or non-reading or writing level (Level 0) to the advanced levels (Levels 5 and 6).

What Bakersfield College Classes are Available?

With Bakersfield College as a partner working closely with the Bakersfield Adult School, we provide the transitional support needed for students looking to advance their education at Bakersfield College.

Multi-level English Classes – One of the greatest barriers to achieving career or educational goals is insufficient English language fluency; therefore, the support team offers beginner and intermediate conversational English classes.

GED/HSE (HiSet) Tutoring – Students enrolled in GED or HSE programs often need additional assistance outside the classroom to gain the skills and confidence needed to pass required exams; therefore, the support team offers one-on-one or group tutoring in all subjects.

Career Planning/Assistance – General career services available include resume and cover letter writing, applications, internships, foreign degree consultations, and college transfers.

We also offer select main campus courses please see our offered classes here